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There was a time, at least in my lifetime, when a fascinator was considered a tad over the top for weddings, let alone special occasions. Now with the clamour of vintage style and the advocation of wearing these beautiful headpieces by famous celebrities such as the Duchess of Cambridge and Lady Gaga the fascinator has taken centre stage.

How to choose the perfect fascinator obviously depends on the wedding and your choice of clothes/ style. A fascinator makes a statement that will often reflect your personality and therefore needs to be carefully chosen.

Wedding (bride)

If you’re the bride, you’re safe to abide to your own rules – anything goes, it’s your day so do what you want. Enjoy this freedom and wear something that you feel comfortable with. A subtle feather pin or a swan lake feather band such as the Ooh La La Plume ‘Margot’ (see left) which will sit beautifully over a veil if so required.

Some brides want to become a little more unique and make their mark on their day by wearing something with a real wow factor. A swarm of realistic looking feather butterflies, a vintage birdcage veil will bring an elegant touch to your ensemble such as my ‘Claire’ design on the right or an ornate beaded design such as the Empress Pompadour design as shown.

Wedding (guest)

That famous saying ‘never outdo’ the bride is the key thing to remember if you’re a guest to a wedding. It’s always handy to get some advice from the bride first before thinking on whether to wear a headpiece or fascinator – try to find out whether its going to be a low key ceremony or an elaborate one to give you an idea of what to wear. It’s a fairly safe bet these days that fascinators can be worn for most weddings, even if its just an understated feather slide.

Depending on what sort of outfit you intend to wear you can use your fascinator to add contrast, texture or even height to your ensemble! Top hat fascinators at a jaunty angle are a flirty throwback to flirty burlesque just like the ‘Tiffany’ design on the left.

A lovely example of texture and versatility can be seen in the ‘Frances’ design on the right proving how much feathers can bring a softness and romance to the face.

In conclusion wear what feels comfortable, right for the occasion, in many ways your fascinator will be indicative of your personality so make it shine accordingly. Take your time in choosing the right one and once you’ve got it, flaunt it with pride!