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Birdcage Fascinators are oh so beautiful, the absolute epitomy of a woman’s ability to flirt without saying a thing….is it any wonder that this look has been popular throughout history, a face covering that leaves much to the imagination and provides softness and allure. In this tutorial I can teach you how to make a blusher veil (which sits atop your head) in its very basic form, decorations are optional and are down to your whatever your creativity allows 🙂

What’s required? To make your blusher birdcage net fascinator here’s what you need:

– A length of russian, merry widow or french netting/ veil (I will explain the difference in a separate article). For this particular tutorial I used black merry widow netting which I measured at 73.5cm length x 30 width (this is the widest type of netting you can usually obtain). The red line that you see at the top is where I later stitched the thread. See step 2.

– A needle and some thread in the same colour as the netting.

– The photo of required items shows other things that you will need to finish it off but for the purposes of this tutorial I’ll show you how to make your basic birdcage.

1. Take your length of netting and count 5 of the ‘ladders’ or ‘diamonds’ (these are the little black diamonds as per the pic on the left) from the top of the netting – do this for each side of the netting and mark the spot with pins. This is where you will start threading your needle and black thread (I’ve ignored the edging on the extreme right and gone straight into the next set of diamonds – just my personal preference but doesn’t stop you from starting this from the extreme edged diamonds.

2. This is the trickiest part of the tutorial. Start to thread your needle in and out of every other upper diamond as shown in the pic on the right. You need to make sure that the incline towards the top edge of the netting is gradual rather than exactly diagonal (the flatter you do this the less puffy the top of the birdcage will stand above your head). By maintaining the 5 ladder points on either side of the nettering (see step 1 and the red line in the above photo of things that you need) you will be able to measure where you need to thread. The threading must be done in and out of each diamond so that when you ‘gather’ this in step 3 you can do this easily.

3. Once you’ve threaded the thread in and out of the diamonds its time to pull the thread tight (just make sure that your starting knot is nice and big so that it doesn’t pull through the diamonds!) and ‘gather’ it in a central ruche. You should end up with your birdcage as per the shape on the right (I took the photo of this in my bathroom hence the tiles so you have a nice white background to see it properly). You can see that there’s an opening at the back and a neat little gathering at the top – make sure that you thread around the top gathering so that its nice and tight.

4. It’s time to try the blusher birdcage on for size. My daughter tried this on straight away and I fastened it down on the top of her head with bobby pins. You could wear this just as it is or you can decorate it (where the ruched knot is located) with anything you like. I’ll teach you how to do that in a separate tutorial. If you prefer to gather the open edges at the back up towards the top of your head you can either gather those up as part of the in and out threading or pin them up on your head.

You see how simple it is to make a birdcage fascinator! If there is anything here that you’re not quite sure or have any questions please don’t hesitate contacting me on cmcginty@oohlalaplume.com or use the contact me page as above link. Happy Fascinator making!