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Bandeau Fascinators have to be the easiest to make, they also make the biggest impact when it comes to beauty and elegance and are particularly popular with brides. They are so simple to make and cost next to nothing for the materials. Here’s how to make a simple one:

Materials you will need:

x2 wig clips. You can get these in blonde, brown, black or silver. As this is a bridal bandeau I’ve gone for the blonde ones.

A very small piece of ivory grosgrain ribbon.

A piece of ivory french netting about 30 – 35cm length. You need to measure this from the top of your ear to the other for accuracy.

A hot glue gun, some ivory coloured thread and a needle.

Optional: Feathers, tulle and felt to make a floral decoration. I will explain how to make the floral decoration in another tutorial. For now we’ll stick to the basic bandeau which can be worn just as is or with a decoration.



1. Prepare your wig clips by cutting about 1 cm of the grosgrain ribbon – enough to almost cover the wig clip. Using the holes on the sides sew the ribbon carefully to the clip. Helpful tip: when working with light coloured materials take care to wash your hands and work in a clean environment as any bit of dirt shows up and can be a bit of a pain to remove afterwards.

2. Do this to the other wig clip and you should be left with a neatly covered clip. Ensure any threaded knots are tied on the underside of the clip where they won’t be noticed.




3. Gather each cut side of your french netting by threading in and out of each ‘diamond’. Make sure that you pull firmly but gently so that the thread ‘gathers’ into a neat little scrunch. Sew through the scrunch and around it and finish with some knots so that its not at risk of unravelling.


4. Here’s a close up of the ‘gather’. Make sure that you do this for either side. My cat posed quite nicely in this photo! She keeps me company when I make fascinators šŸ™‚







5. Once you have gathered either side of your netting you’re ready to sew it to the wig clip. Make sure that the wig clip teeth and pointing towards the inside. When you’ve firmly sewn each gather to each clip seal it all in with some hot glue. Go easy on the glue as you’re dealing with a very small area. Try to seal in each ribbon edge using a thin thread of glue so that it’s not at risk of fraying.

Voila you’re done! You can clip the netting to either side of your hair then play around with where you want to position it. You can wear it only over the eyes or across your nose or your mouth too. It’s entirely up to you. You can choose whether you want to create a decoration to add to one side – I’ll cover that in a separate tutorial.